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ST Micro Connect 2
[Image: STMicroConnect2-1.jpg]

■ Next generation ST host-target interface
■ High bandwidth connection to host computer
– Networked 10 and 100 Mbit Ethernet connection
– Local USB 1.1 or 2.0 Type B connection
■ VHDCI LVDS connection to target JTAG interface - includes supplied LVDS to TTL convertor for TTL JTAG connectors
■ Connects to target RS232 port for data relay
■ Supports STMicroelectronics’s single and multi-core system-on-chip (SoC) devices
■ Provides system startup, program download, debug and I/O services.
■ Enables concurrent debug of multiple cores in multi-core SoCs
■ Easy network installation with built-in DHCP support
■ LCD display and software support package for configuration and administration
■ Support for Windows 2000/XP, Solaris and Red Hat Linux hosts
■ ST Micro Connection Package Description

The ST Micro Connect 2 is the next generation host-target interface from STMicroelectronics. It
can be connected to a local host or LAN using the 10/100 Mbit Ethernet connection or to a local PC host using the USB2.0 connection (USB 1.1 compatible). It connects to a target development board’s JTAG connector and provides host software with the ability to start up the target board, download programs and debug them in the target. It is easy to install and use. For multi-core system-on-chip devices (SoCs) the ST Micro Connect 2 can support multiple concurrent debuggers connecting to the different cores on the chip. The target is connected using a VHDCI LVDS connection. A convertor from LVDS to TTL is included for target boards with a TTL JTAG connector. The ST Micro Connection Package provides software utilities and firmware, including TargetPacks for certain ST evaluation boards. Supported hosts are Windows 2000/XP, Solaris and Red Hat Linux. The ST Micro Connect 2 is the preferred host interface for a wide range of ST development toolsets.

[Image: STMicroConnect2-2.jpg]

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