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StreamHighway PCI-E TS Sender or Generator
[Image: Eng_SHPE-S1R0.gif]

StreamHighway PCI-E TS Sender
StreamHighway PCI-E TS Sender is a PCI Express V1.0a adapter card compliant to MPEG-II/DVB Standards. It provides the whole API functions and it's a perfect platform of hardware development of DTV devices. It is used to output transport stream data that stored in computers in the setting bit rate. It can be used for a DTV transport-stream generator.

·PCI Express V1.0a compliant adapter for both 3.3V and 5V environments
·Two ASI output
·216Mb/s maximum output bitrate
·8 bps bit rate resolution
·16M on-board high-speed buffer
·Support for MEPG-II/DVB/ATSC 188-byte and 204-byte packets
·Providing API functions

Operating Systems
·Microsoft Windows 98/ME、NT4.0、2000、2003、2008、XP、Vista、Windows 7、Linux

Development Platforms
·Microsoft Platform SDK、Microsoft Visual C++、Borland Delphi、Borland C++ Builder、GNU GCC(Linux)

·Streamhighway TS B&R Platform
·DTV producing and testing device
·Data broadcasting server
·Video server
·DVB gateway
·DTV signal generator
·EPG server
·Non-linear editing device
·Stream analysis device
·Stream monitoring device
·DTV signal generator
·Program Inserting device
·Other DVB device

PCI Compliance: PCI Express
On-board Buffer (MByte): 16
Transmit Bit Rate (Mbps): 0 ~ 216
Packet Size: 188 / 204
Bit Rate Resolution (bps): 8
Output Level (mV): 800 ± 10%
Output Impendence (Ω): 75
Output Jitter < 10%
Output Random Jitter < 8%
Rise/Fall Time (ns) < 1.2
ASI Output Rate: 270 Mbaud ± 50 ppm

[Image: Eng_SHPE-S1R0-1.jpg]
[Image: Eng_SHPE-S1R0-2.jpg]

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